Vancouver, Washington USA

The Vancouver Sidewalk Astronomers are a loosely knit group of amateur astronomers from the Vancouver / Portland area dedicated to sharing a view of the heavens with all who are interested. Typically a "Star Party" is scheduled and interested individuals are notified of the time and place. Frequently a telescope or other equipment is demonstrated for the budding astronomer. At times a general invitation to the public is advertised in "The Columbian".
At a star party all interested are welcome to stop and take a peek through the telescopes. Occasionally astronomy classes are given with a star party following. Teachers are welcome to contact us regarding setting up star parties for individual classes.

Star parties provide an excellent way to be introduced to astronomy. Unlike most sciences, the amateur can play a major role in astronomy. Most of the commercial or institutional telescopes have to be put to some very specialized uses in order to justify the cost of their existence. Many tasks of astronomy can only be accomplished by dedicated amateur astronomers equipped with small telescopes and simple equipment.


E-mail VSA Founder Stan Seeberg if you would like to receive information about upcoming sky events or have any questions.



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Moon image courtesy of Patricia Ferry at Memaloose State Park on September 6, 2003.